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If your Moodle course shell was created automatically (the usual case), then the interface to the Registrar's database will handle nearly all enrollments (and drops) for you. However, there are (at least) three cases where you do want to change enrollments (or at least roles in the course) manually:

  1. A student adds into your course late, and you want to get her into the course without waiting for the Registrar's database to catch up
  2. Someone you've enrolled manually drops the course, and you want to remove her
  3. You want to allow a colleague access to your course

Enrolling students manually

To enroll a student (or students) manually, you follow these steps:

  1. Go to a page somewhere in your course.
  2. Click the menu button in the upper left to open the nav drawer.
  3. In the nav drawer, just under the course name, select Participants.
  4. On the Participants page, above the right side of the list of participants, there is a button marked “Enrol users”. (“Enrol” is spelled with one “l” because Moodle was originally written by Australians.) Click that button.
  5. You will be taken to a dialog box titled “Enrol Users”. The top option on that box is marked “Select users”, and it initially reads “No selection”. Just underneath the “No selection” text is a search box, where you can search for people by name or email address. As you type into that box, a dropdown will appear with the Moodle users who match your search. (“Match your search” means that what you've typed matches somewhere in the user's first name, last name, or email address.)
  6. Once you see your person in the list, you can click on her name to add her to the list of people you're enrolling. You can search for more people and click on them to build up a list of folks you're enrolling in one shot, as long as they all have the same role in the course.
  7. Skip down to the dropdown marked “Assign roles”, and select the role you want to assign to the person (or people) you've selected.
  8. Click the “Enrol selected users and cohorts” button to complete the enrollment process and return to the Participants list. The Participants list should refresh and show the folks you've just enrolled as well as everybody who was in the course before.

If you can't find your enrollee at all

If you can't find your enrollee no matter how specific your search is, odds are that that person doesn't have a Moodle account. If you are sure that you've spelled everything correctly and the person is actually associated with the College, let me know (Peter Brown) and I'll add the account (as appropriate).

Which role do I assign?

Normally, when you're enrolling students, you want to assign them the Student role. There are exceptions, however, usually involving student workers. In these cases, which role you want depends on what you want the person doing in your course:

  • Student is the normal role for students in a course. Students can see anything that's been made visible to students, post to forums, send messages, and submit work for grading.
  • Tutors can see what students can see (plus being able to preview quizzes), but can't submit work for credit.
  • Grading assistants can enter grades, but cannot make any changes to the course itself.
  • Editing assistants can add, delete, and change things in the course, but cannot enter or view grades.

Unenrolling students manually

Be careful with actually unenrolling people; it removes the records of what the person has done in the course. For this reason, I prefer to change the enrollment to inactive, which keeps the student from accessing the course but which is easy to reverse if you actually need to. To do this:

  1. Go to a page somewhere in your course.
  2. Click the menu button in the upper left to open the nav drawer.
  3. In the nav drawer, just under the course name, select Participants.
  4. The rightmost column of the participants list is titled “Status”. In that column there's a little green box saying Active or an orange one saying Suspended, and below that a little black information icon. Clicking the information icon will show you details about the student's enrollment—what method was used to enroll her and when the enrollment started.
  5. If you can edit the person's enrollment, there will be a gear icon (“Edit enrolment”) there as well. Click it. (If you really want to delete the person's enrollment entirely, you can click the garbage-can icon instead.)
  6. Change the “Status” dropdown to “Suspended”.
  7. Click “Save changes”, and you'll be returned to the Participants page.

Allowing colleagues access

Sometimes you want to allow a colleague access. Perhaps you want to share an assignment or a resource; perhaps your colleague is going to teach the same course at some point and you want to show him or her how you've set it up.

It is, of course, possible to enroll your colleague using the approach above (probably with the Professor or Assistant role instead of the Student role, but the process is basically the same). The drawback to this is that then your colleague shows up on the list of course participants (possibly even as Professor). Since students can see the list of participants, this can mislead them into thinking that your colleague is more actively involved in the course than is in fact the case.

A solution less likely to confuse students is to give your colleague a role that doesn't show up on the list of course participants, but which still lets him or her see what's going on. In addition, for safety's sake you probably want a role that doesn't let your colleague edit anything or assign grades. Happily, we have exactly such a role: Fly on the Wall.

To add a colleague as a Fly on the Wall, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a page somewhere in your course.
  2. Click the menu button on the upper left to expand the nav drawer.
  3. In the nav drawer, just under the name of your course, select Participants.
  4. On the Participants page, click the gear icon in the upper right, and select Other users.
  5. This will bring up a list of users who have roles in your course but who aren't actually enrolled in it. (This list will generally have pretty nearly all the faculty, since faculty generally have the role Authenticated faculty anywhere in our Moodle.) Above the right-hand side of the list is a button marked “Assign roles”. Click that button.
  6. This will bring up a dialog box of all the Moodle users. As above, you'll almost certainly want to find your colleague using the Search box.
  7. Under your colleague's name in the Search box is the Fly on the Wall role. Click on it.
  8. When you've assigned the appropriate roles, click the X in the upper right of the dialog box to close it. The list of users with roles will update, and you're done.
Last modified: Friday, January 31, 2020, 8:12 PM