Reading forums

To read the posts in a forum, click on the forum.

If there is more than one discussion thread (topic) in the forum, you will be looking at a page that shows a list of the threads. Click on a thread to see the posts in that thread.

If there is only one thread in the forum, or if you click on a thread, you'll get a list of the posts in that thread. Often, the first post will be expanded for you. However, as there get to be more postings in a thread, Moodle will collapse the postings, and show you only the Subject: line and the poster's name for each posting.

One exception to the above is in a Q&A forum, where you can't see other students' postings until you make your own first post. (The idea is to have your first posting reflect your own thinking, not the thinking of the other students in the class.) After you make your first posting, however, you will be able to read and reply to other students' postings.

Posting to forums

There are two ways to post to a forum: replying to someone else's post and starting your own discussion thread.

Replying to a post

Usually, when you need to post to a forum, you will reply to someone else's post.

  1. Look at the post you want to reply to. There should be a "Reply" link in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the "Reply" link. This will bring up a text-editing area.
  3. Type your post into the text-editing area. (For longer posts, you may want to write the post in another program, and then copy-and-paste it into the editing area.)
  4. If you need (or want) to attach a file to your post, click the "Add" button down below the editing area, next to where it says "Attachment". Attaching a file to a forum post works just like submitting a file to an assignment.
  5. When you are done with your post, click the "Post to forum" button down at the bottom.

Starting a new discussion thread

Sometimes, an instructor will ask a question in the forum description, rather than in a thread, so there's initially no post to respond to. Alternatively, an instructor can create a forum for general questions about the course, in which case the different questions are logically separate discussions, not replies to each other. In these cases, you may need to start a thread of your own.

  1. At the bottom of the page, there's a button marked "Add a new discussion topic". Click that button.
  2. You will get an editing area where you can write your post, just like when you reply to someone else's post.
  3. One difference from replying, however, is that in starting a new thread you have to put a topic in the "Subject" line. (Moodle uses the Subject line to distinguish discussion threads.)
  4. When you are done with your post, click the "Post to forum" button down at the bottom.
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