Getting around in Moodle


At the top of every page in Moodle, just to the right of the Converse logo, is a link marked MOODLE HELP, which leads to the Moodle@Converse course (this course).

User menu

In the top right corner of every page in Moodle is the user menu, which is a drop-down menu with your name on it. It has links to:

  • Your dashboard (the page you go to when you first log in to Moodle)
  • Your profile, where your name, email address, and so on are stored. If you visit your profile, you will see links there that let you change it.
  • Your grades in the current course.
  • Your Moodle messages, which you can use to send and receive messages to and from classmates right within Moodle. If you send a Moodle message to somebody who isn't logged in to Moodle at the time, the message will be sent to her email. If she is logged in to Moodle when you send the message, your message will pop up in her browser window.
  • Your Moodle preferences, which lets you change those preferences.
  • MOODLE HELP, which leads to Moodle@Converse


Every page in Moodle has a row of what are called “breadcrumbs” across the top of the page, so you can see where you are in relation to the site as a whole.

  • The first breadcrumb on the left of the row is labeled “Dashboard”. It takes you back to the page you got when you first logged in to Moodle.
  • The next breadcrumb (or two) are categories (and subcategories) of courses.
  • Then comes a link to the course home page.
  • If you go further in to the course material, you'll see additional breadcrumbs showing you what week (or topic) you're in and what activity you're doing.

Nav drawer

Every page in the Converse Moodle has a button at the top left with three horizontal lines (the menu button). Clicking the button opens the nav drawer down the left side of the page. Clicking the button again closes the drawer.

The items in this drawer depend on where you are in the site. Moodle generally does a fairly decent job of putting relevant choices there.

Online users block

At the bottom of every page in the Converse Moodle there is a block titled “Online users”. This shows links to other Moodle users who are on the Moodle at the moment. You can click on those users to send them messages.

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