Editing text

Additional resources

Atto (default) editor

By default, the editor Moodle gives you to edit text is a Moodle-specific editor called Atto. Most features of Atto are familiar from basic word processing. A few operations, however, are a little less self-explanatory.

Showing all the editing buttons

When you start up Atto, you get a toolbar with one row of the most frequently-used editing buttons. Clicking the button (leftmost on that row) will give you a second row of buttons.

Adding an image to your text

You can insert an image into your text using the button. This gives you a dialog box from which you can insert an image (the Moodle documentation has instructions).

Adding media to your text

You can insert media into your text using the button. Again, the Moodle documentation has instructions for inserting video and audio resources.

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