Recording a lecture

There are two basic approaches to recording a lecture:

  1. Use your own camera. This could be a Webcam, your phone, or whatever other camera you have available. This approach is easy to schedule, but may not give the slickest results. Once you've recorded the lecture, you can post it to Moodle like any other video file. (You do hold copyright to it, since it's your work.)
  2. Ask CT for help. Campus Technology has a camera and a setup (currently in Kuhn 227) where you can record a lecture. Contact them (864.596.9457) for details and to set up an appointment. Again, once you have the recording as a video file, you can post it to Moodle like any other video file to which you hold copyright.

Some things to remember when recording a lecture:

  • Keep it short. One idea, no more than 10-15 minutes is best. Remember, it's harder to hold students' attention with a video than it is in person.
  • Make sure they watched (and paid attention). The students will be tempted to skip the lecture, or let it play without paying particular attention to it. Help them resist that temptation—follow up the lecture with a short comprehension-level quiz or another exercise.
Last modified: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 10:29 PM