Moodle cheat sheet (everyone)

Getting help

  • Self-service: Moodle@Converse course
  • Moodle or distance-learning issues: Peter Brown
    • Includes logging in to Moodle if you can log in to Converse email or
    •, 864-596-9156
  • Password or network issues: Campus Technology
    • If you can't log in to Converse email or
    •, 864-596-9457 (business hours)

Logging in

  • Go to
    • Username and password same as for and Converse email
  • Alternatively, you can reach Moodle from
    • If you log in on, you'll reach Moodle already logged in

Why can't I see my courses?

  • Courses start out hidden from students
  • Professors un-hide courses when the professors are ready
    • Often right around the beginning of classes
    • If the professor doesn't use Moodle, course will stay hidden
  • Your past courses remain accessible

Getting around in Moodle

  • Dashboard (reset user tour)
  • User menu
    • Top right corner of every page
    • Links to dashboard, profile, grades, Moodle preferences
  • Breadcrumbs
    • Across the top of most pages
    • Show where you are
    • Let you jump to your dashboard, course main page, etc.
  • (menu button) in upper-left corner of page
    • Opens nav drawer on left side
    • Exact contents depend on where you are
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