Getting a student's view of my course

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Getting a student's view

There are two basic ways to do this: switching roles and using a bogus student account.

Switching roles

  1. On the dropdown menu in the upper right of a Moodle page, the bottom entry for a faculty member is normally Switch role to…
  2. Pick that, and you'll get a menu of roles you can switch to. The most useful of them is Student.
  3. On the page with the list of roles, there's a warning about the limits of this facility. For example, a faculty member won't be able to look at grades like a student, because students actually have grades and faculty members don't.
  4. When you're done, go back to the dropdown in the upper right corner and select Return to my normal role.

Using a bogus student

  1. On Converse's Moodle, there are nine bogus accounts for exactly this purpose. Ask Peter Brown for the names, usernames, and passwords for these accounts.
  2. You can manually enroll one (or more, if you really want) of these accounts in your course, as detailed on the page covering enrollments.
  3. Once you have your bogus student enrolled as a Student in your course, open another browser program. (Just opening another browser tab, or even another browser window, won't do. It needs to be a whole different program, so the cookies you get from Moodle under your own account don't mix with the cookies you're getting as the bogus student.)
  4. In the new browser, go to and log in as the bogus student.
    • You'll need to use the form at the bottom of the landing page, not the Log in link in the upper right, because the bogus student accounts are Moodle-only.
  5. Find your course on the bogus student's dashboard as usual, and look at what you want to look at.
  6. When you're done, best practice is to unenroll the student. These bogus accounts have no real need for ongoing access to your course.
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