Viewing assignment feedback

After you have submitted an assignment, it (hopefully) gets graded. Commonly, in addition to the grade, your instructor will give you feedback. Assignment feedback generally takes one of two forms:

  2. Feedback files


You can view feedback comments on the assignment page or in the grade report.

To see the comments on the assignment page, go to the assignment page. Below the Submission status section where you can see what you submitted, there will be another section, titled Feedback, where you can see the instructor's feedback. Comments are displayed in that section.

To see the comments via the grade report, go to the menu at the upper right of the page (the one next to your name) and select Grades. This will take you to a list of the courses where you have grades. Select the desired course, and you'll be taken to the grade report for that course. Comments for each assignment are displayed as a column in that grade report.

Feedback files

Instructors often use feedback files when they want to put comments into a file you submitted. You can see those comments as follows:

  1. Go to the assignment page.
  2. On the assignment page, scroll down past the Submission status section with your submission, to the Feedback section.
  3. In the Feedback section, you will see the feedback file. You can click on the file to download it. (PDF files normally have an additional link, View annotated PDF, which lets you open the file right in your browser and not bother with the download.)
  4. Open the downloaded file with the appropriate program (Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.) to see the instructor's comments.
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