Basic controls on the course main page

Turning editing on

To add or edit course elements on the course home page, it is first necessary to turn on editing. The quickest way to do this is to click the gear icon near the upper-right corner of the page, and select “Turn editing on” on the resulting dropdown menu. You canturn editing off by going back to the same menu and selecting the same option (which will now read “Turn editing off”).

Adding things

When editing is on, each week (or unit) of the course will show a link marked “Add an activity or resource”. It is used to add activities (mainly graded items—assignments, quizzes/tests, forums, and so on) and resources (files, labels, pages, links) to the course home page.

Controls for changing items

When editing is turned on, there is a dropdown menu titled “Edit” to the right of every item in the course. You can perform most changes with the items in that menu.

There are a few operations, however, that you do by clicking an icon, and there are quite a few icons in the “Edit” menu that show up elsewhere in Moodle. The commonly-used operations, with their icons, are these:

Settings/preferences. Edit an item's settings.
Move. Clicking on this icon allows you to drag the item up or down in the course.
Edit. Clicking on this icon allows you to edit an item directly.
Hide. Hide the item (usually, hide it from students).
Show (only shown when an item is hidden). Show the item again.
Duplicate. Make a copy of the item. The process normally asks you whether you want to edit the copy, so this is helpful for making near-duplicates.
Delete. Delete the item.

Other action icons

In addition to the ones above, there are some other Moodle icons that are common throughout the system.

Help. Bring up a popup window with context-sensitive help.
Information. Go to another page with more information.
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