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Changes to Moodle landing page

Changes to Moodle landing page

by Peter Brown -
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Moodle's landing page looks different!

I made several changes to it in an attempt to support the upcoming degree-completion program, and to give Converse a single landing page where *everybody* can start.  (You may or may not know that Converse actually uses two Moodles, not one--this one, and one at The Learning House, Inc., which we use for certain EDU courses and for the upcoming degree-completion program in business.  Keeping them straight has always been something of a challenge; hopefully, the single landing page will help.)  For now, just remember not to log in with the gold button (use the purple button, or just hit Enter when you've typed your password), and you'll stay in this Moodle.

Another change you may notice is that the "Moodle Help" block is gone from the top of the left column.  Never fear, however, the "Moodle Helplink didn't move far--it's at the left-hand end of the menu on the top of the page.

I hope this helps!

--Peter Brown