Topic Name Description
Page Moodle cheat sheet (everyone)
Moodle basic basics, for everyone
Page Moodle cheat sheet (faculty extensions)
Additional Moodle basic basics, for faculty
Page Frequently Asked Questions


Getting started (everyone) Page Getting around in Moodle

Basic elements of the course main page.  Many of these elements are also available on pages within the course.

Page Finding somebody to help you

How you can get help from a person, instead of a machine

Page Which Web browser should I use for Moodle?
Which browser?
Page Finding and getting into a course

How to find a Moodle course, and how to get in once you have found it.

Page External Documentation and Tutorials

Documentation from Moodle Docs; tutorials by My Learning Space.

Doing course activities (students) Page Assignments

How to do assignments

Page Viewing assignment feedback
Page Forums

How to use forums.

Page Checking grades

How to look at your grades, and the accompanying feedback, in Moodle.

Page Webconferencing


My profile (everyone) Page Contacting someone from a profile

Finding someone's profile, and using it to contact that person.

Page Making changes to your profile

How to edit your own profile.

Page Controlling Moodle notifications
(Not for the faint of heart)
Basic course design (faculty) Page Online vs. face-to-face teaching
A comparison of online and face-to-face teaching, with implications for the online instructor.
Page General expectations for an online instructor
Page Designing a course to be disaster-resistant
Making course content (faculty) Page How do I un-hide my course?

Basic directions for using one of the automatically-created course shells.

Page Basic controls on the course main page
Basic controls on the course home page.
Page Adding a file

Adding a file to a course

Page Adding a big file
Page Adding a label
Page Linking to a Web resource

Adding a Web link to a course

Page Adding a video (or audio) resource


Page Recording a lecture
Page How do I import old content into a new course?

Importing previous content into a new course

Page Editing text
Editing text
Communication and collaboration (faculty) Page Sending a message to your class

Sending a message to your class

Page Groups and groupings

Groups and groupings

Page Using forums


Page Chat
Page Using Webconferencing


Page Zoom
Page Google Meet
Assessing student learning (faculty) Page Assignments
Page Quizzes and exams
Page Quizzes and exams: handling accommodations
Quizzes and exams: handling accommodations
Course administration (faculty) Page Attendance

How to use the Attendance activity.

File Tania McDuffie's attendance material (2015 update)
Page Backups (course backups and gradebook backups)
Page Enrollments


Page Getting a student's view of my course
Page Gradebook


Example stuff File Random file


File CSC 235 syllabus


File BIO 399 syllabus


File Old Marine Biology syllabus
File BIO 399 discussion guidelines

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File Random file
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