Major, Minor credit. Prerequisite for all art and design courses.  An introduction to the discipline of drawing. Development of drawing skills leading to an understanding of the structure of forms on the picture plane, figure-ground relationships, line, value and

texture. Studio problems of visualization, composition and analysis in various black and white media. Lab Fee $30




1.     Introduction to several drawing processes and materials.

2.     Develop a working knowledge of design elements and principles.

3.     Introduction to the properties of paper including; surface quality, weight, and archival standards.

4.     Evaluate art critically, both orally and written, utilizing a visual vocabulary.

5.     Develop a basic understanding of documentation of artwork and its purpose for artists.

  1. Student will have a beginner base of the Adobe applications of InDesign, Illustrator and Photos shop.



  1. Students will produce a series of drawings that include a wide range of drawing media and techniques.
  2. Students will produce drawings that successfully use design element and principles.
  3. Students will select appropriate archival papers for final drawings.
  4. Students will actively participate in class critiques and write exhibition reviews using terminology appropriate to the course.
  5. Students will document class drawings.