English 496 is the capstone course for the Bachelor of Arts degree in English. This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop a substantial scholarly project to “cap off” your career in the Converse English Department. In this course, you should expect to conduct the most thorough scholarly research and engage in the most challenging thinking of your academic career. The major focus of the senior seminar is the completion of a 20 page research paper (excluding title page and references). In addition, we will be thinking and talking about what comes next for you when you graduate. For some of you, the senior project can act as a stepping-stone to graduate work in library science, literary studies, law, or something else entirely. For others, it can represent the culmination of your work at Converse College. Members of the class of 2020 must pass the capstone course in their major(s) in order to graduate with that degree. Please note that if you are a Creative Writing Concentration student, you may take this course as an elective, but your required capstone course for graduation is English 498: Creative Writing Senior Seminar.